Hi, my name is Daniel Prokopenko. I’m a portrait photographer/musician specializing in psychological, classical, and nude photography. I’m a finalist and winner of numerous photo contests like Photo Visa, 35 award and etc. I have experience as a speaker at the Photo Camp festival and had been published on the pages of various magazines and printed on their cover front pages. I’m passionate about self-discovery and self-empowerment, so when I shoot, I want to reveal the inner emotional state of my models, to reveal their inner and outer beauty while accomplishing with a visual atmosphere and aesthetics to create powerful and splendid photos.     

WhatsApp/Telegram: +79181581135

VK: vk.com/0rigami

inst: www.instagram.com/denny_vik


CONTACTS/BIO. Photographer in Nha Trang — Dani Prokopenko